Pronk Graphics - How A Hotrod Cartoon is Made

Custom Cartoon Vehicle Drawing: The Process

Pronk Graphics - How A Hotrod Cartoon is Made

The process behind getting a custom cartoon vehicle drawing

Can't stop thinking about that car you modified, the car you shouldn't have sold, or the vehicle of your dreams? Purchase a custom hot rod style cartoon of it as a memento!

Step 1: Purchase your custom vehicle cartoon drawing.

Step 2: Send reference photos of the vehicle you want drawn, 3/4 front view preferred. Also send photos of yourself if you would like to be included as the driver in the artwork.

Step 3: A lively cartoon sketch of your vehicle with you driving is created with a pencil and sent by email for your review.

Step 4: Once your custom cartoon vehicle drawing pencil sketch is complete and approved, inking begins with varied line weights, fine details are added and a progress image is emailed to you.

Step 5: Colour is added to your drawing and final vehicle cartoon art is provided.

You will be provided with vector file (8.5"X11" .pdf) of your custom vehicle cartoon. Vector Artwork can be scaled without losing quality.

Like this hot rod cartoon style drawing?

If so, commission a hot rod cartoon style drawing of your transportation or one for any gearhead friend.