20 steps to draw a fashion figure from a reference photo

A tutorial on drawing a female fashion figure pose.

Reference Used For Drawing Fashion Pose.
How To Draw A Fashion Pose Female
How To Draw A Fashion Pose Female

This tutorial came about from reading an article on the entrepreneurial journey of a fashion brand to get funding. I have a clothing line of my own at https://hotrodcartoon.com so thought it interesting. Reading through the article led me to the site being discussed and it had some fashion style photos and poses, and since I started to draw more characters this year I referenced a photo there for this drawing. Here is the process I used to create this figure drawing.

Timelapse Of Drawing

Figure Drawing Tutorial

Tools used to create this drawing.

Thank you for looking! I hope this was helpful to those looking to do a figure drawing from a reference photo. Let me know what you think of this tutorial, if you have any questions or have art you made based on this tutorial tag me with @pronky or #pronky.