General questions you may have regarding a web project.

What is required for having a website?
Websites are made possible by having a registered domain name, a web hosting plan which is a web server that processes the site files that your site is built with and serves them to your web browser. With those essential core elements in place, a website is available online.

How much does a website cost?
Typical small business information style website projects begin with an investment of around $5000. Generally this would include a hosting account, domain name registration on your behalf, creative, coding, content entry and styling along with an annual maintenance plan for smooth operation. For projects that require e-commerce integration, a large selection of gallery items, photography, copy writing or other special consideration, your investment will increase.

Site updates are available, how do I update?
Every website needs maintenance and care to provide steady service for you. It is recommended to update your core systems and plugins as soon as possible. Doing so helps to be proactive against vulnerabilities and hacking as well as providing improved features. Completing updates can be straight forward, unless something goes wrong, so planning ahead with regular backups and testing is critical. If you want to focus on your business and leave the maintenance to Pronk Graphics, that can be arranged with a WordPress annual maintenance plan.

How does project payment process work?
A deposit of 25% is required to begin any new project after estimate approval. Remaining balance is paid at scheduled intervals until paid in full at project completion.

What length of time is needed to create a custom site?
A typical small business website can take around a month. This allows some time for all steps to be thought out and implemented in a competent way. An integral part of the timing is prompt provision of content and images by a client.